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36264Re: [scrumdevelopment] Any recommendations on tools for Product Owner?

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  • David H.
    Jan 29, 2009
      2009/1/29 Roy Morien <roymorien@...>:
      > Simplicity is a virtue. What is the Product Backlog? It is a list of User
      > Stories (or other statements of requirements, however called) with an
      > indication of complexity / difficulty / potential time consumption, stated
      > as Story Points (or ideal days, or some other measure of estimated effort,
      > however of called), and a level of priority.
      > So what is wrong with a simple spreadsheet? Each Product Backlog item can
      > have a hyperlink to a Word document in which more detail is stated, if that
      > is considered reasonable.
      or just use 3x5 cards and a shoe box and yes that still exists and I use it quite successfully :)

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