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35581Re: [scrumdevelopment] Product Owner overtasked by Scrum?

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  • Michael Wollin
    Jan 4, 2009
      I think that who attends the retrospective should be more a function
      of the particular history, culture and personalities of the people
      than be a hard a fast role-based rule. It's the goal that matters.
      The goal is to "inspect and adapt" and that everyone must be heard
      (and safe) so that we can discover what is working and what is not

      As servant leader, I have found that it helps the development team if
      I provide the structure so that the strong personalities do not drown
      out the meek ones. At the same time, we may want to exclude those non-
      developers who might inhibit open conversation (but with an eye to
      correct this over time so that the culture evolves). Eventually, we'd
      like to see the rest of management and the PO team as silent
      observers where everyone securely feels we are all on the same side
      helping each other and pulling in the same direction. But Utopia was
      not built in a day.

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