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35529Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum adoption in union environments.

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  • Peter Stevens (calendar)
    Dec 30, 2008
      Hi Jean,

      This could be tricky. Ideally, Scrum and other agile methods are team games. "We are all in this together" with a common goal, "winning". Rigid definitions of "that's not my job" have no place in an agile team.

      I think you might want to consider doing a pilot project - see how it works and how people react to it first, then deal with formal, contractual and other bureaucratic issues later, after your people have hands on experience with working under Scrum, and assuming your agency still wants to continue.

      My experience has been that Scrum is generally good for staff morale. But a disconnect between management and team can be a source of frustration. An unhappy team member can sow much discontent. My own experience has been that senior engineers and managers feel more threatened by change in general and by Scrum in particular, because they don't see their position reflected in Scrum's roles. Junior people tend to see Scrum as a chance to gain experience and strengthen their skills. They are perhaps less set in their ways and more willing to try out new things.

      So I would look for a team of volunteers who really want to try it out and for whom the experiment is more important than the formally defined rules. Perhaps you won't find enough or any volunteers, in which case, Scrum is probably not a good idea for your organization.



      Jean Richardson wrote:

      I’m working in a State agency, and, yes, they are unionized.  The contract defines roles and relates that directly to pay and other compensation (such as how and whether comp time is accrued).  So, if an IS5 is doing something such as database design, the contract would indicate that, for the period of time that worker is doing higher-than- IS5 tasks, the worker should be given a work-out-of- class differential.



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