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35474Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum adoption in union environments.

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  • David H.
    Dec 24, 2008
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      > Interesting. And was that a full Scrum adoption or a scaled down
      > application of a subset of agile methods?

      I am not quite sure what you mean by that. That company implemented
      Scrum and most of the XP practices for their internal software
      development. This included some lean techniques for the business side
      as well.

      > Do you know whether that company
      > is still using Scrum and how long they have been doing so?
      The company still uses Scrum and has invested a good amount of money
      in furthering adoption.
      Yes they are still using it.

      From a unions point of view Scrum and agile mindsets are perfect,
      because it promotes what any union wants to protect.


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