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35RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum and eXtremeProgramming

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  • Jeffrey P. Vasquez
    Apr 19, 2000
      > You are absolutely right concerning backlog management. I
      > sometimes use the word "silly" about the rules (like chickens
      > and pigs), because these little rules are really major
      > bulwarks in the Scrum approach. However, if we start a
      > training session by going over the list of rules, everyone
      > glazes and turns off. If we say, this is the philosophy, the
      > theory ... and, by the way, here is a silly rule that
      > enforces it, management gets it. This avoids political
      > discussions, and is just following one of those rules
      > regarding Scrum from which all the benefits derive.
      > Ken Schwaber

      Hey, that chicken and pig joke predates Moses and for good reasons. ;-)

      My training sessions (or expositions or sermons as they've been described)
      never even broach the concept of rules or politics of ego. I simply talk
      about reviews concluding with approvals committing to buy-in leading to
      consequences for breach of the agreement by either party. For some reason
      the suits in marketing, P/D, etc. seem to understand those terms better and
      the sheer drama of their heads nodding knowingly seems to inspire the
      engineers. Just my $.02.

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