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34852Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: User Stories vs. Agile Use Cases

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  • David H.
    Dec 1, 2008
      2008/12/1 aacockburn <acockburn@...>:
      > Good points, Tom.
      > This sort of discussion gets me to note that the workers working on
      > my house have a belt sander and also a chisel. I've seen them use
      > both. I've not yet seen them argue over, "Should we get rid of the
      > belt sander and only keep the chisel, or vice versa?"
      If the value the chisel returned would gradually move towards zero I
      stipulate that discussion would come up more and more.

      > I also can't see the workmen saying, "I'm not going to learn how to
      > use a belt sander - this chisel works fine for me."
      You have obviously never met my steph father (who happens to be a
      structural engineer for car bodies) and swears to certain ways of
      doing it and completely disregarding others. Apparently it works for
      him, he is still quite respected in his community.

      > The way of phrasing the question about use cases versus user stories
      > already presupposes that an either/or choice is appropriate.
      > They are both tools. Learn them both. We are all professionals -- it
      > behooves us to know the tools available to us.
      We are also human and thus we are limited in what we can learn. I
      would suggest we only learn the things that return most value to us in
      the context we need to learn them in. If knowing a lot about Use Cases
      enables me to write better User Stories in the end, then I am all for
      learning about them.

      I do not know anything noteworthy about Use Cases and yet I seem to be
      capable of writing User Stories for complex problems. I would really
      like to know whether learning about Use Cases can improve my
      abilities. Any suggestions?


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