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34847Re:User Stories vs. Agile Use Cases

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  • Steven Mak
    Nov 30, 2008
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      I think they serve different purposes.


      Use case is very good for a permanent document, in case the customer
      wants one.

      Moreover, I believe it also depends on how well the team is familiar
      with them.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Mellor"
      <tom.mellor.c5t2@...> wrote:
      > The use case / user story discussion/debate can perpetuate for eternity.
      > It's really not a matter that warrants much discussion. The scenario
      > seems to imply that the 2 teams are sharing the development of a single
      > product. Perhaps the best way to approach this issue is to ask the one
      > team why it desires use cases. Some people (and organizations) are not
      > comfortable with the simplicity and minimalist composition of a user
      > story. We know that thousands or very good programs have been written
      > using stories (and use cases) and the details (requirements) needed to
      > code the stories are always driven out at some point. The issue may
      > simply be one of the extent of documentation desired/required by the
      > team and/or the organization. While we don't advocate documentation as
      > a means of communication, it does convey information and that is
      > important to a team. Information is best exchanged in face-to-face
      > communication, but if the teams are sharing the development and virtual
      > synchronous communication isn't possible, then one team may desire more
      > detail. If the teams are working on different products, then it probably
      > ought to be at the discretion of each team as to whether it uses use
      > cases or user stories.
      > Tom Mellor
      > Certified Scrum Trainer
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