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34776Re: Looking for material about using scrum in distributed teams

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  • mislocin
    Nov 24, 2008

      try this one from Microsoft:

      I would be interested in hearing others opinion on distributed agile
      development where one team sits in 2 or more different offices &

      For example - frequently some or majority of SQA activities are
      offshored while programming is continued in main office. Did anyone
      try to apply agile in such environment?

      Currently I'm part of group trying to apply agile in similar team
      structure. Since most of us have only theoretical knowledge about
      agile, for first release my preference would be to work with local
      team only in order to properly understand and polish our processes and
      later expand it to broader organization.

      This makes sense for us since only part of the project will be agile,
      while majority will continue using classic aproach.

      Does anyone has experience and valuable comments about implementing
      distributed agile in similar organization?

      Michal Slocinski

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "torq9" <rodrigoterra@...> wrote:
      > Hello Group,
      > Can you please point me to some interesting material about using Scrum
      > with distributed teams (other than Jeff Sutherland's video)?
      > Any help is deeply appreciated :).
      > Thanks,
      > Rodrigo
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