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3477Re: question regarding muliple projects against a small team

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  • David A Barrett
    May 17, 2004
      >Dave, A couple of questions about your first thought:
      >1) When you say that the web designer is not part of the team, could you
      >describe how that works. From what you wrote about the BA, is it safe to
      >assume that the BA actually "volunteers" for the web designer-related
      >and then works with the web designer to get them done?
      >2) What all does the BA do in your team? What granularity are your Sprint

      >Backlog items at? I'm trying to get a feel for how a Business Analyst
      >into a team using SCRUM.

      1) Yeah, that's pretty much how it works out. We treat the web designer
      like any other scarce resourse (like a video projector) and we book him for
      some time with his boss. It usually works out that the BA is one who
      "volunteers" for the task, but it could be someone else if the task touches
      on, but isn't completely web based, or if the BA is too busy.

      2) We rate our SB items with 4 sizes: Tiny < 1 day; Small = 1 to 2 days;
      Medium = 3 to 5 days; Big > 5 days. Each sprint is different but our
      current sprint has 1 Very Big item (15 days) and 3 Medium Items and a
      pantload of Small and Tiny items.

      Usually, there are one or two Sprint Backlog items that the programmers are
      right on top of and know intimately. For those items, the BA is bugging
      the programmers early in the Sprint to review them with her so that she can
      organize the testing. The remaining items all require some level of
      investigative activity prior to programming, and she proactively gets on
      top of those and makes sure that everyone understands what the issues are,
      how we'll go about testing them, and if things are out of scope. She also
      co-ordinates demo's and meeting with the users, and polices the "big
      picture" aspect of the Sprint.

      Dave Barrett,
      Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
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