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34695Hola Scrum fans! A new Spanish "intro to Scrum" PowerPoint is available

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  • Mike Cohn
    Nov 20, 2008
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      As some of you may recall, back in 2002 I put together a 60-90 minute "intro to Scrum" presentation and made it available in PowerPoint format under a Creative Commons copyright. The intent was to save some "reinventing the wheel" time because at the time there were lots of "I need to introduce Scrum to my team" messages and everyone was making a one-one presentation to do so. Last year I extensively re-did that presentation. The presentation has been translated into numerous languages. 

      I'm emailing today to announce that thanks to Ernesto Grafeuille we know have a Spanish version available in PowerPoint format.

      We also have French, Portuguese, and German--all in PowerPoint formats for your use. Thank you to all these kind translators!

      If you'd like the presentation, you can download it in any of a variety of formats (including English in PowerPoint or Keynote) from:

      Mike Cohn
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