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3462Re: question regarding muliple projects against a small team

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  • Deb
    May 12, 2004
      I guess I'm responding to different aspects of this post in a couple
      of sub-threads...

      Dave, just to be clear, how do you see the Individual Burndown as a
      way to track performance? It seems to be missing so much information
      (that Scrum does not record) that it could only serve
      to /misinterpret/ performance, and it seems to me that the people
      using it would know that... but maybe you are seeing something


      PS: people are not necessarily responding to the Individual Burndown
      aspect, are they? There are a bunch of worksheets there... My
      assumption is: if you are using XP then the Indiv Burndown is
      probably extraneous.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, David A Barrett
      <dave.barrett@l...> wrote:
      > Ok, so now I'm a little worried.
      > The more I think about it, the less comfortable I am with Deb's
      > and the way it focuses on the individuals' performance. This
      > totally with what I perceived to be key component of the Scrum
      > the team aspect.
      > In the ScrumMaster course, Ken made a point about ensuring that the
      > scrums were about the team members reporting to each other. He
      > doing things like avoiding eye contact with the team members in
      order to
      > avoid having them report *to* the scrummaster. I can think of
      > other examples where he went out of his way to stress that the
      > scrummaster's role was *not* to organize and control the team's
      > The chicken and pig concept, which seems to be a pillar of the
      > puts the emphasis on the team and shared goals.
      > So why am I worried? Well Deb puts up the spreadsheet which
      appears to
      > shift the focus from teamwork back onto individually managed people
      > individual goals which are (probably) assigned by management, and
      the next
      > thing we see on this list are a whole bunch of posts from people
      > they think this is really cool. So then I wonder if people are
      looking at
      > this and saying to themselves, "Hey, this is the missing link! I
      > implement Scrum while still keeping my subordinates directly
      accountable to
      > myself, and I can maintain control on an individual basis".
      > Now the last thing I want to be is dogmatic, but I'm thinking that
      if you
      > are managing your team with this spreadsheet (and the management
      style that
      > it implies) then it's not Scrum anymore. It may be effective, it
      > support iterative and incemental, but it's not Scrum. If it's not
      > what does that mean?
      > Perhaps if Mike or Ken could step in at this time and express an
      opinion it
      > would help to clarify this for me.
      > Dave Barrett,
      > Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
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