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346Re: [chicago-agile-dev] RE: [scrumdevelopment] RE: [XP] Scrum and XP

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  • Brad Appleton
    May 15, 2002
      I wonder if some of this can be addressed using ideas similar to what Alistair used in 'Agile Software Development" and his Crystal Methodologies...

      It seems to me that Mike has perhaps found a new "niche" or "family" of methodologies that mix XP and SCRUM together in project-specific ways based on some project-specific parameters for certain tradeoff conditions (optimizing for reuse versus for ???).

      I wonder where on the spectrum of Crystal methods the particular set of conditions are that lead to this 'family of methods' that has the intersection of SCRUM+XP as its basis? I think it is probably not a problem to have a separate name to identify this "space" rooted at the intersection, and having a name for specific instantiation that is optimized for certain conditions seems fine too so long as it isn't claiming to be a brand new methodology (rather, its a named variation or 'flavor' in this particular 'family' or 'subfamily' within the agile methodology space).

      We still need names for all these things, they just don't all have to be in the same namespace at the same level of abstraction/granularity :)

      On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 05:19:59PM -0500, Mike Beedle wrote:
      > Lowell Lindstrom wrote:
      > > > We use a different names for 2 main reasons:
      > > >
      > > > 1) out of respect for what XP and Scrum are,
      > > > because we don't like to say that we do is
      > > > XP or Scrum and then have someone pointing out
      > > > that XP or Scrum don't do things like we do.
      > > >
      > >
      > > I can definitely see wanting to avoid the "are you doing
      > > XP(Scrum)? debate." But you are doing XP and Scrum,
      > > plus MORE. What's interesting is the "more"
      > > part, that variance, not the XP and Scrum. That is
      > > where the attention should be. Naming the superset
      > > distracts from that.
      > Lowell:
      > I disagree. I feel it clarifies the purpose.
      > The problem also is that is not only +more as you point
      > out above, but in many cases is:
      > +more +modifying or specializing something in
      > Scrum or XP. For example, there are highly specialized
      > Scrum of Scrums in an XBreed environment, we don't
      > only care about Product Backlog, but about many
      > Backlogs with dependencies. So even when the
      > spirit of Scrum survives, the meeting is structured
      > around different buckets.
      > Lowell Lindstrom wrote:
      > > > 2) and because we like to remember,
      > > > "special combinations" that lead to a desired
      > > > specialized result. In the case of XP@Scrum
      > > > is business value, and in the case of XBreed
      > > > is reusability. So we abstract these special
      > > > combinations with a name rather than tell people:
      > > >
      > >
      > > Thanks! I understand a little better. Somehow I missed
      > > that each had a different emphasis. I was under the
      > > impression that they were both simply different
      > > combinations of XP and Scrum.
      > Unfortunately, Ken and I, and the people that we associate with
      > are typically on the trenches, so we have had little time
      > to explain things better.
      > Lowell Lindstrom wrote:
      > > The name proliferation seems not agile to me. It introduces unnecessary
      > > complexity. Surely XBreed projects want business value and XP@Scrum
      > > projects want reuse. A better approach is to emphasize only what
      > > is unique, rather than the rename the whole set. What are
      > > the set of practices that when added to what we know as
      > > Scrum and XP lead to higher reuse? That is a set of practices that
      > > warrants a new label, not the superset. Same with XP@Scrum. What
      > > are the practices that when added to what we know as Scrum
      > > and XP deliver higher business value? Call that XP@Scrum (or BVD).
      > > If it is just XP, with Scrum replacing the planning game, just
      > > call it "XP with Scrum as the Planning Game" or "Scrum using
      > > XP Practices for the software development."
      > Unfortunately, there are many modifications so it can't be
      > expressed by something as simple as:
      > "XP with Scrum as the Planning Game"
      > That is a starting point, and in fact, that's more or less
      > how XBreed started, but once the focus changed, the sentence
      > became a paragraph, the paragraph became a chapter, and
      > pretty soon you have something new.
      > I suspect the same thing is going on with xp@Scrum.
      > Lowell Lindstrom wrote:
      > > > In terms of names consider this: Monkeys and Humans have
      > > > a x > 99% overlap in their chromosome and gene sequences,
      > > > yet, this difference yields to very different animals.
      > > > However, as much as we are alike I don't think there
      > > > is any human that likes to be called a monkey
      > >
      > > Nicely phrased! Yes, I am aware that egos are involve here ;-).
      > > I just hope they can be kept in check enough not to
      > > kill the movement. A proliferation of differently names
      > > sets of methods that are basically identical has that
      > > risk associated with it.
      > Well, I didn't mean to say anything related to egos.
      > My point was that simple changes in the meta-architecture of
      > a system (genotype) can yield to big changes in the overall
      > structure of the instances (phenotype), and that they
      > may deserve a different abstraction - a different word.
      > Actually, we did discuss "name proliferation" at our initial
      > meeting at Snowbird, and we encouraged each other to explore
      > and try new things without trying to "unify" things ;-)
      > Diversity makes us stronger,
      > - Mike
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