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3453Re: question regarding muliple projects against a small team

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  • Deb
    May 10, 2004
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      There's some interesting discussion on the "individual burndown"
      feature of our spreadsheet here... I'm going in to a meeting right
      now, but I can give you some context when I get back later.

      For now:
      a) team decides who does what, breaks Product Backlog items down into
      tasks and estimates them. Only the team does this - scrummaster plays
      b) this created as a local response to culture change issues, and
      operates within a given context. (Seems related to comment by Ken in
      this thread.)

      more later

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, David A Barrett
      <dave.barrett@l...> wrote:
      > Ok, so now I'm a little worried.
      > The more I think about it, the less comfortable I am with Deb's
      > and the way it focuses on the individuals' performance...
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