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3432Re: SCRUM & Change / Defect Management

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  • w6rabbit
    May 6, 2004
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Steve Bate <steve@x> wrote:
      > Joe and Brad,
      > Eventually I'd like to extend XPlanner so that the planning and
      > tracking can be configured to handle a wide range of XP process
      > variants. This (and a Scrum-specific web skin) should also make
      > it an even better fit for Scrum teams.

      I've appreciated your interacting on this.
      I see now, why you might want to track the
      original estimate for planning purposes at
      the next sprint meeting.

      It turns out that it won't matter for me
      for a while. My head IT guy doens't want to
      install Apache on any of our servers.
      I'm not sure what that's about, and he has
      somewhat avoided the question. But I don't
      want to irk him over such a small thing.
      So look like we'll go a different direction.

      We've got Deb's spreadsheet and I think that
      will do us for a while anyway.

      BTW, while I'm wrapping up this subject,
      isn't there a way to provide a compiled version
      of the app for common OSs for those who don't
      want to set up a develpment environment to
      recompile it? Might widen your market a bit.

      Lastly, your required list only shows Ant,
      but my understanding is that Ant requires Apache.
      If so, you might want to list that up front
      as a requirement. My IT people were a bit
      put out after getting all the pieces on the
      (IIS) web server to find that it needed
      apache. They wished they had known that up front.

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