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  • w6rabbit
    May 6, 2004
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Vizdos"
      <michael.vizdos@r...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > Our family of four (me, my wife, and two kids -- they are young)
      is always
      > struggling with "life" activities.
      "We" consist of me, my wife, and our nine kids, ages 11 to 1.
      So I can relate to strugling with life and activities.

      > As a CSM, my wife asked me about what I do with Scrum
      > and she said, "Hey, let's try that with life at home."
      > Is there anyone out there that has something documented like this
      > specifically for use by families? Is anyone
      > already doing this?
      We involve our 7 oldest, ages 11 to 3. The youngest doesn't
      actually contribute much that's meaningful. She mostly says
      things that she would have done anyway, like "eat lunch."
      But the other 6 do set meaningful goals for their days.

      > If not, let this thread serve two functions:
      > 1) I am going to try this at home.
      > 2) I will document stuff as it happens. This may then
      > help spread Scrum to the mainstream...
      > Or is that too lofty of a goal?
      I strongly believe that software development is
      a team sport. And Scrum really helps us achieve that.
      I think family should be even more of a team, and
      I think that scrum, and improved communication
      can help there too.

      > Anyone interested in joining me on this?
      Some problems we've had are:
      a) Some of the kids don't remember this morning, what
      goals they set yesterday morning or remember very clearly
      how they did. So we have the goal setting in the morning
      and the review in the evening.

      b) I talked about them doing this for months, but in
      practice, it doesn't happen yet unless I'm there and
      call everybody in.
      This means that the scrum is early in the morning
      before I leave for work and before they are really

      c) We don't have sprints, yet. I expect we will,
      but I'm introducing one thing at a time.

      As a result, I'm seeing them take ownership of things
      that I'have wanted them to all along.

      I heard that the other night, when I had an evening
      meeting, my 10-year old son spoke up at supper,
      "Well, it looks like we're not going to have a scrum
      with daddy, but today I ..."
      on his own initiative.

      Good luck Mike,
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