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3419question regarding muliple projects against a small team

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  • Dave Moore
    May 4, 2004
      Hey All,
      I'm working at getting my head around how to start using Scrum in our little organization. I'm beset by a couple of initial challenges that I'm hoping get your feedback/opinions on.
      A little info...
      We are a small custom software development shopt and currently have 5 developers each either working on a specific project that they "own", or bouncing around helping on other projects as their time allows.  We have about 10 projects that are in maintenance mode, which is to say that the backlog would be either periodically empty, or filled with some "hot" items... which would hopefully be iterated over in a hurry and the be "patched" to the current working code base.  Each project is with a different customer, represents a different code base, and possibly a different technology.  We also occassionally take on a new project whose typical 1-2 developer lifecyle is anywhere from 3-9 months.
      Some of my confusion/problems.
      I think I could figure out how to form a team, create a backlog, and begin a sprint for a new project that has a  considerable amount of backlog directly related to it.
      But, I can't seem to figure out how to organize the maintenance projects into a sprint structure that makes sense. Any ideas?
      1) Do I create one team and try and divide our time amongst multiple projects and consequently multiple (possibly shorter) sprints?
      2) Do I divide the teams up, having one sort of new project team that can more closely adhere to the Scrum 30day sprint etc guidelines, and another project team that works against several maintenance projects with small sprints/quicker releases?
      3) Do something completely different?
      I fear I may not be giving enough information, but I didn't want to make this email too long.
      Thank you  for your time!

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