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34133Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Kanban vs. Scrum

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  • Robert Biddle
    Nov 1, 2008
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      Ron Jeffries wrote:

      > Does it strike you as an odd asymmetry that companies have one
      > president but many workers?

      Very interesting question.
      But there are many ways in which to interpret it.
      I think the issue is worth exploring a while.

      It hadn't struck me as odd: mostly, I think, because I don't deal
      with companies at that level. But now that you mention it, I do find it

      Part of it comes from your wording.
      One president, many workers. Instead, for example:
      many executives, one electrician.

      Maybe they are all workers, and the role of "president" only
      requires one worker.

      I'm a little unclear on the role of president anyway. Many
      countries don't use the term in industry. And those that do use
      it do not all use it in the same way.

      And there are partnerships. And boards of directors, and other
      forms of team leadership. Families. Sports teams. Some.

      And of course things change over time. Many presidents, many
      kings, many leaders.

      But in some situations we persist in our desire for "one". So it
      seems to me that the key question is: why do we sometimes have
      this association between a single person, even in roles that
      require more work than any one person can really do?

      Lust for easy answers, even if wrong?
      Love of hierarchy?
      Monotheism? The divine right of kings?

      Over to you, Ron. All of you.

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