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  • Mike Beedle
    May 3, 2004
      ....  I can envision your wife and you discussing if the kids are practicing
      enough self-organization specially when it is time to go to bed; or practicing 
      enough "BA" i.e. sharing, as they play with their toys or while at the dinner
      Mine *teach* me self-organization -- they self-organize all right, but only to 
      satisfy their own goals, hardly ever "ours".  Also, they both believe and *really are*
      the Product Owners (specially my 3-year old).  As he says, he is:
          the boss of the world
      My wife and I work for them.  She is the ScrumMaster, and I guess I am the
      only "developer" -- I get to do all the "dirty jobs":
          take out the trash
          mown the lawn
          clean the attic
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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum -- for families....

      Hi all.

      I have an idea I'd like to share with this group. 

      Don't know if this is just for laughs (I hope not) but....

      Our family of four (me, my wife, and two kids -- they are young) is always
      struggling with "life" activities.  Feels like sometimes we are spinning our
      wheels.  Sounds familiar on some IT projects I have been involved with.
      This is probably the norm for most families out there.

      My wife has tried different "systems" in the past to try to get things
      planned in life -- but usually they are only about one person in the family
      doing something, not the family as a "team."

      See where I am going with this???

      As a CSM, my wife asked me about what I do with Scrum [heh, we DO
      communicate!] and she said, "Hey, let's try that with life at home."  I
      really think this was her way of getting me more involved in trying to plan
      our crazy lives (smile).  So here it is.

      Is there anyone out there that has something documented like this
      specifically for use by families?  I know, I know, I know..... Ken and
      others say this can be applied outside of our IT work lives.  Is anyone
      already doing this?

      If not, let this thread serve two functions:

      1) I am going to try this at home.  Um... Should say "we".  Outside of work.
      Using non-IT or technical terms.

      2) I will document stuff as it happens.  Maybe, just maybe, I can use this
      as a springboard for my next book (once I finish the book on the EUP
      (www.enterpriseunifiedprocess.info) that I am co-authoring).  This may then
      help spread Scrum to the mainstream... Or is that too lofty of a goal?

      Dumb idea?  Already "taken" -- if so, where can I build on it?

      Anyone interested in joining me on this?

      Thank you,

      - mike v.

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