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3403Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: SCRUM & Change / Defect Management

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  • Steve Bate
    May 3, 2004
      > From: "J. B. Rainsberger" <jbrains@...>
      > w6rabbit wrote:
      > <snip />
      > > This is exactly my point.
      > > I only want them to re-estimate how much
      > > time is remaining and not get caught up
      > > in "how much time did I spend on this."
      > > But that does not appear, to me, to be
      > > how XPlanner works.
      > I understand a bit better now. XPlanner expects you to track time spent
      > rather than time remaining?

      Joe and Brad,



      and related messages in a recent thread on this topic.

      > > For something that I took to be specifically
      > > tailored for XP, that seemed very odd to me.
      > > I assume I'm misunderstanding something.

      I'm not sure why that's an odd XP feature. IIRC (I don't have the
      book in front of me right now) the Planning Extreme Programming book
      shows examples of time tracking.

      > >>>I can imagine requiring each to re-estimate
      > >>>the units left on a task, but it's hard to
      > >>>imagine getting them to track their time
      > >>>daily without a fight.
      > >>
      > >>that information. You have to fight them to do this? It takes less
      > > than one minute per task.
      > >
      > > No. They are fine with this. It was
      > > XPlanner that I was confused on.

      I'm curious why your developers are fine with daily updating of
      their remaining time estimates but they fight tracking actual time
      (again, for the purpose of calculating remaining time in the XPlanner

      > Hm. Is there any way to hack XPlanner in the meantime to get it to work
      > the way you (and I) would expect it to work?

      See the messages referenced above.

      Eventually I'd like to extend XPlanner so that the planning and
      tracking can be configured to handle a wide range of XP process
      variants. This (and a Scrum-specific web skin) should also make
      it an even better fit for Scrum teams.


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