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340RE: Re: [XP] Scrum and XP

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  • Lowell Lindstrom
    May 15 1:55 PM
      > From: "Mike Beedle" <beedlem@...>
      > Subject: RE: Re: [XP] Scrum and XP
      > However, let me focus on your question: "Is Scrum going to
      > end up just being part of XP?"
      > Here is my take: not a chance.

      I agree with Mike. I don't see this happening, nor do I think anyone needs
      it to happen.

      > If anything, XP might eventually adopt a "full Scrum" approach,
      > and eventually get closer to a full gene mix of XP and Scrum.

      Mike, here I do not understand. Your response comes across to me as if you
      feel threatened, as if XP and Scrum are in some kinda of competition with
      each other. Perhaps I am misreading.

      You and Ken have had good experiences using practices from both XP and
      Scrum. I already see XP Teams naturally evolving to practices that greatly
      resemble parts of Scrum (Scrum or scrums, more formal management of stories,
      etc.). They don't call it Scrum because they have never heard of Scrum. I
      don't see why we care whether XP becomes Scrum, Scrum becomes XP, or
      everything is communicated under the umbrella of Agile Best Practices. To
      debate that seems to miss the point, which we all seem to agree is to find
      better ways to deliver business value through software development.


      Lowell Lindstrom
      Object Mentor, Inc | www.objectmentor.com | 1-800-338-6716
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