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33874Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: What about this? I'm already dodging for cover !

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  • Ilja Preuß
    Oct 28 12:12 AM
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      2008/10/28 aacockburn <acockburn@...>:
      >> What if instead of a test, a position paper was required?
      > I'm a big fan of letting people be honest or lie, but speak for
      > themselves.
      > I don't think a test is needed. If a person writes,
      > "I know the basics of Scrum and am interested in learning to hold
      > the ScrumMaster role",
      > that is already sufficient (in my book).
      > If they choose to lie, that will be the minority and maybe they have
      > a reason for it (I attended a number of courses in college without
      > having the declared prerequisites).
      > It will in any case eliminate the group of people who don't know what
      > the course is intended for or why they are there. Writing the above
      > sentence already obliges them to recognize the prerequisites of the
      > course and its intention.

      Point taken. And I *love* your idea about a bootcamp! I hope someone
      is listening...

      Regards, Ilja
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