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33870Re: What about this? I'm already dodging for cover !

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  • aacockburn
    Oct 27, 2008
      Thanks for the clarification, Tom.

      I don't think I dare ask by what cicuitous logic you concluded
      that the "Certified *ScrumMaster*" course should be to
      "provide the fundamentals of Scrum" as opposed to
      "train ScrumMasters".


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Mellor"
      <tom.mellor.c5t2@...> wrote:
      > Ken initially created the CSM as a bit of a thumb-of-the-nose to
      > He never intended the course to be about teaching people to be
      > ScrumMasters; he wanted people to understand ("master") the
      > principles, and rules of Scrum. Of course, no one, including Ken,
      > predicted Scrum would become so widely popular. Based upon the
      > growth of the CSM, it was the decision of the Scrum Alliance Board
      > Directors to put a level of credibility around the certification
      > a testing process - an element that was conspicuously missing. That
      > decision arose plainly and simply out of a recognition of demand by
      > organizations and people to put an element of integrity to the
      > certification.
      > The CSM course is meant to provide the fundamentals of Scrum to
      > attendees. If one can elaborate and articulate in writing on how
      > has used Scrum after having been a CSM for at least a year, s/he can
      > apply to become a CSP. The CSP is meant to demonstrate a higher
      > of understanding and experience - something an organization might
      > in a person more so than simply the CSM.
      > 40,000 certifications have been granted by the Scrum Alliance since
      > was formed, with 50,000 to be reached in 2009. Like many things
      > evolve from an infancy, so has Scrum, and rapidly so. Those of us
      > the Scrum Alliance Board have a genuine concern to act responsibly
      > the interest of the organization and its members, and respond to the
      > Scrum community's needs and desires. That also means promoting the
      > of Scrum and helping people who use it to improve their working
      > and provide satisfying products to their customers.
      > Tom Mellor
      > Certified Scrum Trainer
      > Member - Scrum Alliance Board of Directors
      > tom.mellor.c5t2@...
      > 309.846.4899 (Work and Cell)
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