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33854Re: What about this? I'm already dodging for cover !

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  • Brian Bozzuto
    Oct 27, 2008
      As long as people are considering every option, there is also the
      potential to increase the renewal requirements. CPAs, CFAs, PMPs and
      numerous others have various continuing education requirements. They
      are, of course, not difficult to meet, but they weed out people who
      got the certification at some point, but presently attach little or no
      value to it. At the very least, this would direct some of those people
      who didn't quite get it originally to be more engaged and involved.

      Now, one could get really ambitious and start to offer an Agile
      Bootcamp class that had a nice certification, perhaps cost less and
      had no expiration. That would certainly help individuals pick the
      proper course, but now we're going down an entirely different rat hole.

      As a project manager, I've been very impressed with the professional
      respect the PMP title now commands. I would argue that, by increasing
      eligibility and continuing education requirements, the PMI has
      actually increased the value of that certification in spite of the
      growing number of newly minted PMPs.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "aacockburn" <acockburn@...>
      > > What if instead of a test, a position paper was required?
      > I'm a big fan of letting people be honest or lie, but speak for
      > themselves.
      > I don't think a test is needed. If a person writes,
      > "I know the basics of Scrum and am interested in learning to hold
      > the ScrumMaster role",
      > that is already sufficient (in my book).
      > If they choose to lie, that will be the minority and maybe they have
      > a reason for it (I attended a number of courses in college without
      > having the declared prerequisites).
      > It will in any case eliminate the group of people who don't know what
      > the course is intended for or why they are there. Writing the above
      > sentence already obliges them to recognize the prerequisites of the
      > course and its intention.
      > Alistair
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