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  • Peter Stevens
    Oct 27, 2008
      From the blog postings it sounds like a part of it is cut and paste from Ken and Mike Cohn’s work and the Agile Manifesto and Principles.  It also sounds like multiple guess which leads to memorization, trivia contests and [other bad things]

      Hi Mike,

      I guess this is how I feel about the test..

      Testing and certifications are part of the norming process. 'As a customer (hiring manager, C-level executive, etc) about to entrust a critical project to a so called Scrum Maseter, I want independent evidence that this person's mastery of the trade is consistent with the task for which s/he is being considered.' So certifications are a good thing and a sign that Scrum is being accepted in the Mainstream.

      Scrum is about reacting to difficult, ambiguous situations. Multiple choice tests are by their nature unsuited to ambiguity (even if the answers are ambiguous). I can envision a scenario where CSM courses start focusing on getting people to pass the test (the bad things you mentioned above). This BTW is how the FAA conducts their written tests -- so you take a two day course which prepares you for the test. Does it prepare you to fly? That's not really the issue, is it?

      I think an interactive role playing game would be a cool way to test prospective CSM's. Confront them with a series of situations, like the Daily Scrum from H*ll, the scrum master asks the team questions and scores points depending on how well he handles their responses. And of course he has to finish within 15 minutes... Of course, I have no idea how to realize a game like this.



      Peter Stevens, CSM, CSP
      tel: +41 44 586 6450
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