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33748Re: While were on the subject of tests...

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  • Tobias Mayer
    Oct 26 5:45 PM
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      Before you fly off the handle and throw offensive words out into
      cyberspace, maybe you can take a little time to find out what that test
      actually is.

      The way I view it is this: the CSM test encourages participants of a CSM
      course to take time to read books, papers, blogs and join discussion
      groups in order to improve their academic understanding of Scrum, either
      prior to the training or subsequently (the test is to be taken online,
      after the training is completed). In other words, it encourages the
      potential CSMs to take responsibility for their own learning and not
      just expect to be spoon-fed a certificate after two days of sitting in a
      class. This is a good thing.

      We all know that the certificate is mostly meaningless from a
      professional point of view -- and we need to keep reminding those who
      actually believe people with a CSM certificate are better than those
      without, that this is NOT the case (for heaven's sake!). But from a
      personal perspective, the CSM is not meaningless. It meant something to
      me to complete the training and receive the certficate. Not a lot, and
      I never announced the fact nor put it on my resume, but it still had
      value to me -- in the same way that passing the written part of my
      driving test had value. It is a step. It is a beginning.

      So chill out about the test. Find out a little more, and consider its
      value to the individual.

      There are tests and there are tests. The CSM test is nothing like the
      Nokia test. They serve totally different purposes.


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      > > Who took the Beta of the CSM test in Stockholm last week? What did
      you think
      > > of it?
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      > There is a CSM test now? You got to be shittin' me....
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