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3347RE: [AM] FW: [scrumdevelopment] Anyone familiar with RSS feeds?

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  • Deborah Hartmann
    Apr 22, 2004
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      Some general info on RSS, for those wondering about this thread:
      (I'm not an expert, just an information collector at this point :-)

      Some of you may know Micheal Herman of Chicago. I believe he facilitated the
      OpenSpace portions of XP-Agile Universe the last two years. He recommends
      RSS as a way to add "push" to Wikis. Michael uses a free news aggregator
      client (http://www.ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?RssReaders) to keep up with all the
      RSS feeds he subscribes to, including Blogs, Wikis, Sites, and Yahoo Groups
      (Note: yahoo group's archive has to be public.) You can even use BlogLines
      to keep track of email accounts! all in one place!

      Ex: you can add scrumdevelopment yahoo group to your reader by subscribing
      to this url:
      Also, there's this one that is very germane to this particular thread:
      This latter includes a post about an online course in May on RSS.

      Doing your own research?
      Michael's blog on RSS is at: (search for RSS on the page...)
      follow the link to the Christian Science Monitor page, he says its a great
      resource on RSS.

      Another page all about RSS:

      I wish all the wikis I use were RSS-ready - I wouldn't miss great
      collaboration opportunities because I forget to troll in Recent Changes.


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      Hi all.

      A response from the Scrum group (wanted to cross post the feedback)....
      There is some good information here. Again, the goal is to see if there are
      alternative ways to open communications between all of us.

      - mike v.
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