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3309RE: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM tools (was process with other method ologies)

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  • Eric Chamberlain
    Apr 12, 2004

      Oh, Your paragraph on ignoring the progress (included below) explained a
      lot! No, I hadn't caught that before.
      I can see now how XPLanner could be useful when you skip certain features
      like that.


      == Eric ==

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      Subject: RE: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM tools (was process with other

      Time remaining /can/ be a calculated amount but it's not required to be. The
      fact that it can be calculated makes it no less subjective (due the estimate
      used in the calculation). Did you understand what I was suggesting in the
      previous message? By never tracking actuals in XPlanner the "done" in the
      calculation is always zero. The task duration estimate effectively becomes
      the time remaining estimate (and the language translations could be modified
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