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33058RE: [scrumdevelopment] Intro to Agile / XP / Scrum game that takes 15-20 minutes?

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  • Igor Maciel Macaubas
    Oct 4 3:56 AM
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      Hi All,


      Liked the “bonus round” concept, but I did it a little bit different. Instead of suggesting an arbitrary speed, I just changed one of the rules when the team reached stability and predictability. For example, in the first Sprint, the team estimated 50 ball points, but really did only 35. After a few sprints, the team got better knowledge of its capacity, started to make more accurate estimates and reached a point of stability – like estimating 65 points and deliverying 67 to 70 points. So I changed one of the rules, for example, in the last Sprint I would allow the team to hand the ball to the person standing directly next to them. After that, the team usually performs way better than they used to perform (because it makes the game easier).


      The point here is to show that once a team gets stability, the only way to make them speed it up is to change the rules of the system. Just another way to do “bonus rounding” ;-)




      Yesterday I applied the game you suggested with one of my teams, which is new to Scrum and still a little bit reticent about estimating in story points. I asked about the sanake bites, shark species, and a few more other numbers I looked up on the web, and the result was great – everybody felt that estimating using relative sizes is way more interesting, raises more questions and generates more interaction. And in the end, it’s quicker. I believe that from now on, this team will be less resistent to change. Great game, thanks for your contribution!







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      Love both of these games, have used the ball point game successfully myself but really like the bonus round concept so I will extend my ball point game to include this and I will also look at incorporating the story points game into by tool kit.


      Another game I have used successfully I call the knot game but it is also referred to as spaghetti.  (Thanks to Tobias Mayer for teaching it to me).  This game basically takes you through how much better it is for a team to be self managing and to work things out for themselves as opposed to being micro managed or trying to write down all requirements up front aka waterfall.


      I have a diagram that explains the game.  If anyone is interested then let me know and I can forward it.




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      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] Intro to Agile / XP / Scrum game that takes 15-20 minutes?

      One more game I really like--


      This is a great one for people who resist estimating in story points because hours are "more reliable":


      I display a list of 10 things I ask people to estimate and indicate their +/- range.  These things are bascially obscure trivia obtained via the Internet, such as the average number of worldwide deaths from snakebite per year or the number of known species of shark.  I tell them the object is to get as many of the estimates correct as possible.  They estimate and we look at their estimates and the correct answers together.


      Invariably, they are way off on a few (often most) and their +/- ranges are way too small.


      So my question for them is why did they not make their variance ranges bigger?  And we talk about the "implied precision" that an estimate in hours gives and how, even without being told to do so, they felt pressure to choose small variance ranges.


      Then we estimate another group of items but this time we use t-shirt sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl).  It might be country populations, prices of luxury items, etc.  Invariablly, the group interacts more when estimating in this fashion and they estimate quicker.  We talk about the benefits of this kind of estimation.


      I think this is a useful learning tool and a fun exercise.


      BTW - snakebite deaths annually: 125,000

               species of sharks: 370


           --Angela  :)


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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Intro to Agile / XP / Scrum game that takes 15-20 minutes?

      Hi, I've got a presentation coming up, it's the last session slot of the conference, so I want to try something interactive that teaches basic concepts of Agile, Scrum or XP.

      I searched around, but couldn't find anything as short as 15-20 minutes..

      Am I out of luck?


      blog: http://gerrykirk. net
      daily musings at http://twitter. com/gerrykirk



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