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33056Re: Intro to Agile / XP / Scrum game that takes 15-20 minutes?

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  • Kane Mar
    Oct 3, 2008
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Angela Druckman
      <angela.druckman@...> wrote:
      > The number the facilitator chooses is arbitrary...and that is just
      > the point.  The team will often "try" to hit this mythical number
      > when, in truth, it was never based in reality to begin with.  This
      > is a great segue into a discussion about software development
      > schedules that are likewise based on little but fantasy--

      To add to some of the excellent points that you've made, when I play
      the game, I use the bonus round in an attempt to force the team to
      change the system.

      Every system has it's own natural velocity (as Deming pointed out),
      and, the only way to increase this natural velocity is to change the
      system. I frequently encounter senior managers who simply assume that
      the velocity can increase at a linear rate [without any changes] and
      this simply isn't the case.

      Finally, the bonus round also hints that every time you change the
      system there is the possibility that the velocity will /decrease/
      rather than increase. This is an inherent risk any time a system is

      Best regards,
      Kane Mar.
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