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33033Re: [scrumdevelopment] Intro to Agile / XP / Scrum game that takes 15-20 minutes?

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  • Angela Druckman
    Oct 2, 2008
      Forgive me if I am repeating what others have said--
      But my hands down favorite game for teaching Scrum principles is the "Ball Point Game".  Here is one link to a description - I am sure there are others:
      I really like this game because it teaches all the principles of Scrum without overtly focusing on "concepts".  People come together and create solutions spontaneously.
      I especially like the version of this game that uses the "bonus round".  Essentially, for the bonus round, the leader notes how ever many ball points the team achieved in their best round (ex - 55), and then informs them that the "highest score ever" is some number larger than that (ex 89) and would the team like to try to hit that in the final round? 
      The number the facilitator chooses is arbitrary...and that is just the point.  The team will often "try" to hit this mythical number when, in truth, it was never based in reality to begin with.  This is a great segue into a discussion about software development schedules that are likewise based on little but fantasy--


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      Hi, I've got a presentation coming up, it's the last session slot of the conference, so I want to try something interactive that teaches basic concepts of Agile, Scrum or XP.

      I searched around, but couldn't find anything as short as 15-20 minutes.

      Am I out of luck?


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