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33003Re: Outsource Scrum

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  • Joseph Little
    Oct 1, 2008
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      As others are telling you, the outsource firm has misunderstood Scrum.
      This is common (all the reasons why would take too long to tell).

      Assume positive intent on their part. And tell 'em all those folks on
      ScrumDev said the way to play is that the PO plays with the Team.
      Show 'em the book, etc.

      Action items:
      1. Talk to your CEO. Get him/her prepared that if they don't change
      their minds, this is too stupid a situation.
      2. Get on a plane and visit them (see Mike Vizdos' suggestion
      earlier). Talk face to face.

      Then inspect and adapt.

      It is likely you will be forced to make a tough decision: do I stay
      (in this broken relationship) or do I go? It will improve
      somewhat...but how much?? Enough?? Fast enough??

      Talk to them about why they DON'T want you around. Talk to them about
      why you WANT to be around. Show some consideration for their views,
      but, if you have the time to play (and meet other criteria of a PO)
      than you basically are right.

      On their side, one underlying reason (typically) is they don't want to
      show you their imperfections. (And maybe you don't want to show
      yours?!?!) Anyway, it's a normal human feeling; give 'em a way to
      adjust into that.

      Note: Listen for the meaning beneath their words.

      On their side, it is also pretty likely that someone, somewhere in the
      past, had a relationship with a client where their "approach" seemed
      the best solution. Just because it's dumb does not mean it wasn't "the
      best of all possible worlds" at that time. Maybe 3 years ago with a
      different client...who knows.

      PO: an easy job, right? (By which I partly mean that it is
      extraordinarily normal for the Team not to know how to play with the
      PO at first, and vice versa.)

      Best regards, Joe

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "wfc_85283" <garvinpromo@...>
      > I work for a small company. Prior to my arrival, the owner contracted
      > our development to a company in Mexico. I was hired to manage the
      > project. The outfit in Mexico informed me that they develop using the
      > Scrum framework. I am new to Scrum, I've spent the last 4 weeks
      > educating myself on Scrum.
      > I have the responsibility to ensure that the system meets requirements
      > and that the final product is a system that is maintainable and one
      > that can grow with the changing needs of the business.
      > I am the Product Owner. I have given the folks in Mexico a
      > Waterfall-ish requirements document and the Product Backlog containing
      > the user stories.
      > I'm concerned because the outsourcing firm has shown little interest
      > in getting to know our business model. I have received no questions
      > or feedback on the documents that I gave them. They have indicated
      > that although I am the Product Owner, I will not be involved in the
      > Sprint Planning meeting, the Sprint Review nor will I be invited to
      > the daily Scrums.
      > I thought Scrum called for more communication, not less. I thought
      > Scrum called for a Team that possessed a strong business knowledge.
      > Our first Sprint is scheduled to start on Monday. I'm really at a
      > loss as to how to continue. It seems obvious to me that they are
      > clueless but being new to Scrum I'm not so sure.
      > All comments are welcome. Thanks in advance for your input.
      > Bill
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