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32835Re: [scrumdevelopment] Story Structure ?

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  • Gerard Meszaros
    Sep 24, 2008
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      david.hicks_radtac wrote:
      > I'm well aware of the structured format of a Story along these lines
      > As a [ROLE]
      > I want [REQUIREMENT]
      > So that [BENEFIT]
      > and the alternative unstructured text format of a Story, but has
      > anyone any experience of a better way of writing stories for
      > individual components of a very large piece of low level software like
      > an Operating System?
      > I am facing circumstances where it is not practicable to have every
      > Story cut vertically through the system from top to bottom to deliver
      > a complete slice of user/customer value. This is because the
      > development teams are organised along module and component-lines.
      > Given this, the choice either seems to be to use an API/other
      > system/sub-system interface as the [ROLE]
      I've seen this done with both use cases and user stories. It's a fact of
      life in large systems where the platform is built by a different team
      from the end user functionality (e.g. Telecom switches) or where the
      platform is the product and the "users" are other software delivered by
      different vendors (e.g. OS.) If the API exists, there must be some value
      to providing it so [BENEFIT] should be enumerable. If not, why are you
      building the functionality?


      > or to use an unstructured
      > Story format. Neither of these seem like very good solutions, so I
      > wonder if anyone has come across a better alternative?
      > Any help much appreciated :-)
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