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327RE: [XP] Scrum and XP

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  • Lowell Lindstrom
    May 13, 2002
      I can't seem to find a substantial difference between the XP Planning Game
      and Scrum. There are subtle differences, but if the team is adapting their
      work as they proceed, I can't see why I starting with one versus the other
      would have make any difference in the outcome of the project.

      I can see how Scrum would be a way to move towards XP in a "non-XP-friendly"
      environment or simply a way to be Agile, if I not using XP programming

      If I am in an "XP-friendly" environment, I would not want to complicate
      things by introducing Scrum terminology for project management, which is
      largely redundant to the Planning Game.

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      > On May 12, Ron Jefferies wrote:
      > >> What does Scrum seem to have that XP does not? It seems to me that
      > >> Scrum is a subset of XP.
      > I used to think that XP was a subset of Scrum until I understood XP
      > better. Then I understood that Scrum is a set of business and project
      > management practices, XP is a set of engineering practices. They both
      > use iterations, increments, emergence, self-organization, and
      > collaboration, so I've been able to use each of them to make up for
      > what the other doesn't address.
      > Ken Schwaber
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