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32349Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum outside of software development

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  • Alan Cyment
    Sep 10, 2008
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      Hi all,

      I'm planning to run an experimental CSM course this year with 24 students of 24 different professions (all non-IT). I keep hearing the phrase "I'd love to learn more about that" when I tell non-IT people about Scrum, so I want to hear their take on the whole 2-day course. I'll let you people know more about it when I'm done with the exercise.


      On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 9:29 PM, Nancy Dirgo <ndirgo@...> wrote:


      I work at an advertising agency.  I run the technology group and have a deep software background.  Interestingly enough, I have adopted SCRUM into any of our digital interactive work - banners, websites, etc.  It has been working quite well.  The only issue I have encountered is when people outside of development finally realize that the SCRUM holds them accountable for things and a timeline.  It is definitely interesting in working with creatives.  I am taking a slow approach on that adoption, but so far so good. 


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      Hello, Xavier. On Wednesday, September 3, 2008, at 9:56:37 AM, you

      > I have a follow-up question: what's the Scrum Alliance's stance (and of this
      > list) on using Scrum for non-IT work? Is is something we want to
      > specifically encourage? Or are we more neutral about it?

      Historically, I'm a software product guy. I'd use it for that.

      > What is the scope of Scrum? Is it meant to be a software development
      > framework only, or should it grow to encompass as much of the world of work
      > as it can?

      Works pretty well for other kinds of work. But I'm not sure about
      "should". It's a style of working, not a moral imperative, in my

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