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  • hmeftah
    Sep 1, 2008
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      Hi Simon,

      Many of my clients ask the same question. How estimate revamping an
      existing application.

      You have to start from concrete facts:
      1) your current application even it's not perfect works every day.
      2) Your application is based on VB code, therefore this code is
      the latest version of your application documentation.
      3) You know all functions and methods, screens, data structure and
      so on.
      4) you may know how long a new feature took to be designed
      developed and tested.

      For my point of view your project is quite large so you may need a
      proof of concept phase to estimate time and budget.
      I think your gradual revamping is a good approach, upon these 4 basic
      facts above you can estimate and budget for example section X which
      will use that method, that class, this sort of data structure, this
      database access. Use "playing cards" Scrum phase to estimate our team
      velocity at day one.
      Then refine your figures by using COCOMOII analysis, function points
      estimate and add some contingency.

      Good luck

      H. Meftah
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