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32Further on XP and Scrum

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  • virman@aol.com
    Apr 5 2:57 PM
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      Kent Beck asked, "What problems are solve by the Scrum planning process that
      aren't addressed by the Planning Game?

      I answered:

      Primarily the inputs:

      1. There is a list of tasks for Scrum planning that needs to be accomplished,
      including defining infrastructure, technology, backlog (stories) and the
      building of the prototype that implements a surface picture of the product.
      2. A product plan, product vision is expected as input (for systems, this
      could be a justification/high level requirements document).

      These are defined using drill-down's from www.controlchaos.com, Plan Product.

      We also use a Sprint during the planning process so that all of the standard
      controls (daily Scrum meetings, impediment removal, cancellation of Sprints)
      are in place and reinforced early on.

      We've never had two situations the same. Sometimes we already have
      prototypes going in, sometimes we use three-7day Sprints, sometimes it takes
      us half of the release to get the infrastructure in place, etc. However, the
      above input provide some starting point.