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318RE: [scrumdevelopment] Middle-up-down vs. bottom-up

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  • Mike Beedle
    May 4, 2002
      Jonas wrote:
      > The reason why I asked about self-directing teams was
      > the following sentences by Mike Beedle:
      > "SCRUMs can also be held by self-directed teams, in
      > that case someone is designated as the scribe and
      > also logs the completed and planned activities
      > of the Backlog and the existing Blocks. All
      > activities from the Backlog and the Blocks are then
      > distributed among the team members for resolution."
      > <http://jeffsutherland.org/scrum/scrum_pattern.html>
      > Has this been "proven" to be unrealistic?

      Ken wrote:
      > Not in my experience. However, I've either been on
      > critical projects or projects where the organization
      > was changing its culture. Both required dedicated
      > ScrumMasters. In a well implemented Scrum organization,
      > the teams could be self-directing.

      Jonas, Ken:

      It is possible to have self-directed teams with no Scrum Master.

      But I have only done that twice in 6 years. Basically,
      Ken hits the nail on the head, it requires a very
      special environment:

      - high Scrum experience for all, if not all members
      of the team

      - team members with established relationships with
      other members of the organization and with the
      respect of managers (because some of their chosen
      assignments are "issues"; therefore, they must
      be able to represent themselves to resolve them).

      - team members ability to keep and manage backlog
      (again, not an easy thing to do, but it is
      possible, specially in smaller teams.)

      - team members with the ability to coordinate with
      the customer and the sponsor of the team about
      needs, demos (Spring Review Meeting), planning
      (Sprint Planning Meeting),


      Unfortunately these requirements mean that self-directed
      teams are hard to put in place and hard to keep in
      balance. Simply put, it is safer to have a good
      Scrum Master,

      - Mike
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