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31713Re: Performance measurement of team members?

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  • myoungtai
    Aug 13, 2008
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      Dave -

      I have seen this this happen naturally, but not to the extreme you
      describe. The underperforming member gets put only on tasks that are
      off the critical path to getting a story done, and other team members
      avoid pairing situations with them.

      I will add another twist - what if this person's pay-rate is out of
      proportion to their responsibilities and productivity within the team?

      mike y

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "davenicolette"
      <dnicolet@...> wrote:

      > Of course that's a glib answer. It would be a long, slow process of
      > change to convert an organization at that level. In the meantime,
      > here's something I've seen teams do with the underperformer: They
      > don't let that person work on anything of substance. He/she can sit
      > there and read magazines or surf the web, or maybe he/she can be in
      > charge of arranging the team snacks nicely on the shelf or tossing out
      > the speaking token at the daily scrum or moving task cards across the
      > board. Self-organizing teams won't let that person impede their
      > progress. The Legal and HR departments can still go ahead and do
      > whatever they do.
      > Dave
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