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31683Re: Performance measurement of team members?

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  • icarusmccabe
    Aug 12, 2008
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      Peter has raised the issue of individual compensation in a
      particularly dysfunctional scenario. I would like to reframe it more
      generally: given the best of all possible organizations, how should
      we approach the compensation of individuals working in agile teams?

      Ron Jeffries hinted at it in one of his replies, but didn't
      elaborate much. What factors do we look for and point to say, yes,
      this was a team effort but here is clearly an exceptional
      contributor whereas this one is not so exceptional. How much of the
      compensation should be determined by team performance, and how much
      attributed to individual characteristics? I intuitively sense that
      conventional HR wisdom is misguided, but what do we replace it with?

      Perhaps we can leave the legal issues aside for a moment, although
      as a practical matter that's eventually going to have to enter the
      discussion--even agile organizations may have to deal with
      disgruntled employees.

      Thanks for any thoughts,
      Rich McCabe

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Hundermark"
      <peter.hundermark@...> wrote:
      > Imagine, if you will, the following hypothetical situation in an
      > enterprise Scrum environment. The CEO wishes to identify the
      > lowest-performing X% of individuals and fire them. He also wants to
      > identify the top performers and reward them (or at least make sure
      > does what is necessary to retain them). He introduces forced
      > (aka stack ranking, vitality curve) to achieve this.
      > Do you agree with measuring individual performance of team members?
      > If so, how should one do this? What are the risks to the
      cohesiveness of
      > team?
      > If not, how would you determine how much to pay individual team
      > Or would you pay everyone the same?
      > How would you advise the Agile coach in this scenario to proceed?
      > Peter
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