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  • Alan Dayley
    Aug 2, 2008
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      Cory Foy wrote:
      | Alan Dayley wrote:
      |> I ran into an unexpected and strong resistance to a 1 hour meeting
      |> introducing the framework last week. I still have strong resistance to
      | Is the resistance from the whole team, or a certain team lead?

      The lead, strongly. A few of the team also. Others on the team are a
      bit quiet so I am not sure. The newest employee on the team is quite
      happy to meet. The group manager and department director (not on the
      team) were much against the meeting, and still mostly are against any
      meeting longer than 10 minutes.

      Strongest resistance to the meetings came from those I least expected
      it. One of the people based surprises!

      | Perhaps do a brown bag / lunch n' learn session. But the fact that their
      | schedules are so tight that even a one hour meeting is tough is a red
      | flag on many different levels.

      Oh yea! Bright, florescent fuchsia, draped over every cubical and
      doorway! One of the reasons we have come to at least this point getting
      Scrum going are all those flags.

      | That's an interesting statement. If I had to take a guess, they want the
      | /end result/ of using agile practices like Scrum. What this likely means
      | is that they don't even understand what the impediments of their own
      | teams are.

      Yes, this is true. My discussions with management over the last 10
      months or so getting to this point revealed the disparity of perception
      between management, middle managers, the team, myself, everyone. We do
      excellent work with great results in our market. The fact that we do so
      well in our environment is a testament to the skills of everyone
      involved. Agile and Scrum will take us to the next level, or so I have
      successfully argued. Now the rubber is hitting the road. That causes
      friction! But it is fun!

      | Have you looked at Fearless Change? I'd also recommend looking at some
      | of the Lean topics Alan talked about in one of his replies to you.

      Added to the list of things to study. Thanks. Do books under my pillow
      feed content to my brain? ;^)

      | Amen to that. But you seem to have a long road ahead of you. I hope you
      | are able to keep us informed of how things are going!

      Several months ago I invited a friend over to our board room for lunch.
      ~ As an active practitioner of agile techniques, I wanted management to
      hear what he would have to say about how it works and how it benefits
      him in his work. After the meeting we had a brief discussion as I
      walked him to his car. He said the same thing about a long road.
      Ending with an emphatic "Good Luck!" He was right and so are you.

      Next month will be a year since I first watched the video of Ken
      Schwaber's Scrum Google Tech Talk. November will be a year since I
      first uttered the word "agile" in the CTO's office. Many discussions
      later I finally had official ScrumMaster training two weeks ago. Last
      week was the start of a first team with Scrum. The road has already
      been long! But, I work for and with good people in a good company. The
      journey has been worth it already. I will keep asking questions here
      because the support from the group is both needed and very valuable.


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