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315RE: [scrumdevelopment] Middle-up-down vs. bottom-up

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  • Jonas Bengtsson
    May 3, 2002
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      The reason why I asked about self-directing teams was the following
      sentences by Mike Beedle:
      "SCRUMs can also be held by self-directed teams, in that case someone is
      designated as the scribe and also logs the completed and planned activities
      of the Backlog and the existing Blocks. All activities from the Backlog and
      the Blocks are then distributed among the team members for resolution."

      Has this been "proven" to be unrealistic?

      > The ScrumMaster is also known as the IT project manager, and is
      > responsible
      > for the productivity of the team, ensuring that it has the best
      > possible and
      > most appropriate staffing, works together well, gets decisions made
      > promptly, has impediments removed quickly, and understands the project and
      > the product backlog.

      I agree with most of the above. But what do you mean by "responsible for the
      productivity of the team"? I can see that s/he can be responsible to remove
      impediments and to do everything possible to enhance the productivity. But
      can s/he be responsible for the actual productivity? If s/he does everything
      s/he can but the team still performs poorly is s/he the one to "blame"? As I
      see it the ScrumMaster is responsible to create the right environment for
      productivity but not directly for the productivity.
      Do we mean the same thing or do we have different opinions? (Perhaps I
      should work in a Scrum project before I have opinions about it :-)

      > A new type of management position that isn't
      > administrative, but a very real coach to the team. The best background is
      > border collie or sheepdog.

      I like that! :-)


      ps. forgive me if I was unable to express what I mean above, but I'm really
      tired :-) ds.
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