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30433Company Standards (Was Re:Voting the entire team off the island)

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  • woynam
    Jul 1, 2008
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      No, it gets better.

      Without a standard, you have multiple logging frameworks in use. Since
      logging frameworks themselves are highly customizable, typically
      through the use of XML, each team is free to choose *how* they're
      going to use each particular framework, as we can't dictate a company

      How do I know? Well, that's what we had when we first started. Every
      team wrote their own logging, since nothing in the market was good
      enough for them. When two groups did manage to select the same
      framework, it was utilized differently.

      What you wind up with is a complete mess.

      Why do we have coding standards? Should the teams also be free to
      write code any way they please?


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Hudson" <phudson@...>
      > Ø I understood Mark to say that we, for example, *should* have a
      > standard on what logging framework to use. I find that to be highly
      > questionable advice.
      > I pity the maintenance programmers who will come after you
      (depending on how
      > big you are,maybe)
      > Paul
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