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30403Sneaking Scrum In

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  • Mark Jean
    Jun 30, 2008
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      Scrum introductions are sometimes met with heavy resistance. What's
      interesting is it's not just the bozos & incompetent who fight it.
      Some of the fiercest push-back can come from top developers.

      When resistence is encountered, a technique that works is "give up"
      & "comply with" existing company processes - while "sneaking scrum
      in" a little at a time.

      Also, when working with developers who are "above any process" -
      simply "make it easy" for them. EG, let early Scrum meetings be a
      little out of balance - let the lions roar. In time, they'll figure
      out they're out of line. Or, let them sit out of the occasional Scrum
      meeting. Over time, they'll get with the program. But don't force it.

      Come up with ways to create "pull." Create value for both management
      & the team. Make it easy to adopt.

      Going from "black to white" can work when both management & the team
      back it. But if either resist, it's best to "sneak it in."

      "Effectiveness" is measured in "what gets done" & "how little effort"
      it took.