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2969RE: [scrumdevelopment] RE: What to do with "loose ends"

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  • PaulOldfield1@compuserve.com
    Mar 11, 2004
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      (responding to Karl)

      > My first thought is why are there so many loose ends? As well
      > as looking to catch them before the sprint review, could it also
      > be because the team is commiting to too much in each sprint?
      > What would happen if they commited to a little bit less so
      > there's less of a rush to get things finished?

      Has anybody measured what happens if the team commits to
      less during a sprint? There was a hypothesis that it might
      lengthen the "decompression" time at the beginning of the
      sprint and shorten the rush at the end. This would hypothetically
      give better quality software owing to more time to think about it,
      but you still get the rush at the end of the sprint. If you're in a
      rush all the time, OTOH, then committing to less should help.

      Paul Oldfield
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