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29659Re: Sprint whiteboard and issue tracking tools?

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  • Matt Jelliman
    Jun 1 8:52 AM
      Interesting thread.

      A good discussion of this area can be found in "Ship It!" from the
      "The Pragmatic Programmers" series, which considers issue tracking
      software in the context of complimentary tools like version control
      systems, continuous integration frameworks etc. When used in
      conjunction with those tools they can really add value.

      To echo what Austin says, having recently worked in an environment
      which was generating a lot of new feature requests and bug reports
      from different international offices, using an issue/defect tracking
      system proved invaluable to capture and manage those requests.

      Most of them allow communication with the requester / business owner
      using email and/or a wiki-type interface, and can be used to share
      information across the business. An added advantage is that several of
      them can be extended via plugins to interface directly with
      Subversion, generate virtual whiteboards, burn-down charts etc.

      I fully accept the point that maintaining the tool shouldn't become
      the focus rather than the process, but when used appropriately there
      is a place for good issue tracking software.
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