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  • dave@hosticks.freeserve.co.uk
    Mar 11, 2004

      Thanks for the 'Revenue' justification - I'll add it immediately: - I'm so salesman you see, just an idealist.

      As for Legislative - Sometimes a product may need to comform with Law (e.g. standards) for the customer to be able to go to market - in this case you would be putting your customer at risk too - and your revenue stream... maybe your lawyers are better than ours (in the UK they wear wigs - enough said).




      I like your list but I would add:

      Revenue - will it generate sales, revenue
      and/or profits?

      and modify this one:

      Legislative - is it a legal requirement?

      What are my chanced or getting fined,
      have a media exposure, or being prevented
      from market opportunities if I break the Law?

      In many cases, as much as it is cumbersome to say,
      it "costs less to break the law",

      - Mike


      "Nothing in the world is so powerful as an idea whose
      time has come."
      --Victor Hugo

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