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29503Getting everything tested by the end of a Sprint

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  • Jason
    May 28, 2008

      Our team is struggling a bit with getting everything "done" in a
      Sprint. Our definition of "done" is coded and tested. Previously our
      definition was just coded and our ba's and testers would get things
      tested usually within a few days of the next sprint.

      Here's what we're struggling with : Let's say by Wednesday everything
      we've planned has been coded and turned over for testing. Now what
      should the developers do? We've been taking relatively simple things
      out of our product backlog which may get turned in Friday afternoon
      right at the end of the sprint. There's almost always a potential for
      getting things coded but not enough time to be tested. It's usually a
      small number of stories, but it happens regularly.

      The developers want to continue working on stories and/or bugs from
      the product backlog once all items have been worked on from the sprint

      I'm guessing this is quite common, so I'd like to hear your
      experiences and any suggestions you may have. All I've been able to
      come up with is maybe refactoring, improving tests, etc.


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