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2928Re: [scrumdevelopment] What to do with "loose ends"

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Mar 9, 2004
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      On Tuesday, March 9, 2004, at 10:34:27 AM, Mike Cohn wrote:

      > I'm at a company where we have to do our sprint planning a few hours before
      > we do the sprint review of the prior sprint. A bit backwards but we make it
      > work.

      > During the sprint review we always come up with a few tiny things--rephrase
      > this, can you make that more prominent, etc.

      > After the sprint review is over the team looks at that list and almost
      > always pulls those items into the sprint they've just planned. Our feeling
      > is that we can't estimate accurately enough that at the start of a sprint we
      > can say "nope, that 3 hours of small trivial stuff will push us over the
      > feasibility edge." So, we bring it in and it almost always gets done.

      If I were to have an issue with this, it would be that it might encourage
      the customer to be a bit too careless. As long as the stuff is a few hours'
      worth, I'd not be troubled.

      Ron Jeffries
      My advice is to do it by the book, get good at the practices, then do as
      you will. Many people want to skip to step three. That's OK too.
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