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2925RE: [scrumdevelopment] Developer's requirements

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  • Mike Cohn
    Mar 9, 2004
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      It largely depends on your Product Owner. If you Product Owner understands
      the value of a technical description like "change CVS" then just write it
      that way. Most customers need a bit more detail so write the story or task
      description in such a way that the value is clear.

      --Mike Cohn
      Author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development

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      From: Claude Montpetit [mailto:claude@...]
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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Developer's requirements

      I am starting to implement Scrum on small team of around 5 developers.
      One of the challenge here is to move the responsibility of assigning
      priorities out of the development team and give it to a
      marketing/product-management representative (the product owner in the
      context of Scrum). The development team is used to have full control
      on what direction the product takes and which area of the product
      requires the biggest effort.

      So the first problem I encountered was dealing with technical tasks or
      stories originating from the development team, tasks that have no
      apparent value to the product owner, but still appear as the highest
      priority to the dev team. For example:

      - "We need to change the entire CVS structure to facilitate the build
      and upgrade managenement process."

      Does this task enter the product backlog as is? Or should it be
      reformulated in a way that the product owner sees value in it? For
      example, the developer could enter the following story instead:

      - "We need to facilitate the upgrade process of our client
      installations. Currently, customers must uninstall the current version
      and install a new one. We need an incremental upgrade process."

      Then, when this task enters a sprint, one of the task that the dev
      team can add to implement this is the one described above CVS task.

      So the question is whether the members of development team should try
      to convert their technical tasks or stories into requests where the
      client sees value? Is it always possible to do so? Or is there times
      when the development team should "convince" the product owner that a
      technical story must be prioritized as high?

      "Believe us, you want to set this as a high priority story man!"

      Claude Montpetit

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