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2919Re: What to do with "loose ends"

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  • dhostick
    Mar 9, 2004
      We are currently using SCRUM and XP. Development is managed using a
      tool called XPlanner, where Sprints are referred to as Iterations.

      We create an Iteration called "Product Backlog", with other iterations
      named after their "Sprint Goal".

      During a Sprint, if anyone should want to raise a change (idea, bug --
      anything), a task is either added to an existing (and appropriate)
      User Story (Sprint Item) within the current sprint (with a low
      priority), or is added to the Product Backlog (to an existing or new
      User Story).

      At the end of the Sprint, the "loose ends" are moved to the Product
      Backlog and are prioritised accordingly for inclusion (or not) in the
      next Sprint. In XPlanner, you can continue or move Tasks and User
      Stories to other iterations (Sprints).

      This is also a really neat way of managing changes (requested by
      anyone) to the product - never say "No" if you can say "Low" (priority).

      Dave Hostick
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